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Fall 2007: Family Dreams: Images and Words, the new anthology of art and writing that documents the Fremont Family Writing Project mural in Las Vegas.  Click here to view the anthology, which includes painted tiles and writings by family members.

Writing With Families, the book written for teachers, counselors and others interested in building community, empowering families, and creating meaningful opportunities for powerful writing at their sites is now available.  click here for ordering information

Drawn from years of working with families, students and teachers, Arthur Kelly's Writing With Families is the "everything you need to know," how-to guide to creating, building and leading successful family writing groups, known in the Family Writing Project as Family Scribe Groups.  From Maupin House Publishing, Writing With Families is packed with practical advice and guidance, as well as innumerable lessons and activities plus dozens of examples of actual writings from Family Scribe authors.  Written by the creator of Family Writing Projects, this book is a must have!

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To order autographed copies of Writing With Families, with free shipping and handling, click HERE.


To learn more about Writing With Families, read sample passages from the book, or to register your Family Scribe Group, visit by clicking here. 

Inquiries regarding Writing With Families can be directed to the author, Arthur Kelly, at

View front and back cover of Writing With Families in pdf format by clicking on this link: Book Cover



Free Listen to audio files of Fremont Family Scribe parents and children reading their writings, from the CD Family Matters.  Click here to listen to "Who We Are," and here to listen to "Memories."


For its content and usefulness for educators, FamilyWriting was awarded an "Educator's Best Bet Award" by USA today in 2004:  Best Bet Award Link  at USA Today.     

      " has been selected as a "Best Bet" on the USA TODAY Education Web site for the week of 04/14/04-04/22/04.  Each week the USA TODAY Education online staff selects three "Best Bets" sites they feel would be of educational value to our audience of subscribers and guests. When selecting a USA TODAY Education "Best Bet" Web site, our staff of education specialists looks for Web sites that can bring unique and useful resources and information to the classroom in an intriguing way. The site must be appropriate, factual and relevant to teachers, students and parents. These sites are listed on the USA TODAY Education home page for a one-week period with a brief description and a link to the site.   Fewer than 150 sites are selected each year as USA TODAY Education "Best Bet" Web sites." --USA TODAY Education Online, 4/14/04                    

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"We have discovered that we may appear differently in the way we dress, in our backgrounds, our upbringings or our careers, but we are not different in our dreams and our goals."  Julie Kofford, parent, Fremont Family Writing Project


"When we first started, we were one small community coming together.  Now, we are many small communities pulling together."  Elisa Kofford, student leader of the Fremont Family Writing Project writing about the growth of Family Writing Projects over the past six years.


What is a Family Writing Project?

A Family Writing Project is a group of families who come together with trained teacher facilitators, creating a new community of writers outside the traditional classroom.  Family writing projects commit time to writing and publishing works that are important to them and relevant to their lives.  In the process, they benefit their communities while growing as writers.  

The central component of Family Writing Projects are Family Scribe Groups.   Scribe Groups, which are at the heart of all Family Writing Projects, are unique collaborations between parents, children and teachers, counselors or others interested in facilitating dynamic writing groups.  Together, they explore their lives through discussions, artwork, community oriented projects, and writing.  Most of the information you will find on this website has to do with Family Scribe Groups at sites in Las Vegas and across the country.

Other Family Writing Project endeavors include writers' workshops for students, cultural heritage nights, and family writing fairs.  More information about these aspects of Family Writing Projects will be added in 2006-2007.


Family Voices 

Here are some Fremont Family Writing Project family writers' thoughts about Family Writing Projects:     

If Someone Asked Me. . . by Sarie Barnett

If someone would ask me what a family writing project is, I would tell them... 

It’s about spending time with people, mainly families.  It’s about writing down feelings we all have inside.  It is about just getting to know a person and his or her family.

You know how your parent sometimes has no time to spend with you?  Well, this family writing project helps.  Now you won’t be sad or mad because you can spend time with them.

            Also, in a family writing project you can meet new people and do new things.  We made flags  that showed who we were at the time.

            Now, you might be thinking you can do that sort of project at home.  No, you can’t.  You can only do it with other families.



What Is The Family Writing Project?

by Krystle Del Barrio, Fremont Family Writing Project

            If someone asked me “what is the family writing project?” I would tell them that the family writing project is a place where different families learn about each other.  Also, it is where different families from different countries talk about their own cultures and traditions.

We also share ideas about writing and  make suggestions to make our writing better.



The Family Scribes

Amanda Parks, 8th grade: I am here to experience a great time by spending time with my gram and relating with other families.  I’m here to write, to have fun and to enjoy my time with everybody.  I loved our first week show and tell.  It was much more than I expected.  I expected we would write stories and share them with our own families.   But the idea of sharing with everybody in the class was fun.  Also, the whole activity helped me to appreciate all the other families.

Diane Scott, Grandmother to Amanda Parks: I’m here to support my Amanda and the school program.  It is very encouraging to me that Mr. Kelly, Mrs. De La Cruz, Mrs. Sicurella and company are doing their best to involve, encourage and further develop our kids.  I loved last week’s class.  It was more fun than I ever hoped.  I Thank YOU for a great family outing!


Family Scribes

Come here,

Have fun,

Act weird,

Enjoy life

And share

Many Memories

every where!

We are

Loud and

We’re Proud,

We are

Family Scribes

by Amanda Parks, 8th grade


Fremont Families

Color Collages

Community Pride

Best Friends

Many Lives

Many Stories

Happy Faces

by Diane Scott, Grandmother of Amanda Parks


Fremont Families

by Sergio Alvarez, 6th grade

Fremont Families

Fun, laughing

Excited, mad

Happy, sad

Singing, dancing

Writing, reading

Drawing, eating

Talking, playing

Learning, thinking



Nuestro Grupo

by Ana Elisa Alvarez, mother participant in Family Scribes

            Nuestros niños se ponen muy contentos los sábados en clase porque se divierten más que estar en la casa viendo la tele.   Sólo están diciendo cuando vamos a la clase de mister Kelly que son muy padres y divertidas las actividades que hacemos en el salón.



Painting Around Our Garden

by Emie Del Barrio, mother participant in Family Scribes

            I wasn’t here last meeting to paint the words around the garden.  But if I was able to paint a word I would choose the word family.  We as the Fremont Family Scribes are all one big huge family.  We do have our own families that we see everyday, eat with everyday, and may say goodnight to everyday.  Here in this room, we all bond as one family.   The Family Writing Project means:

                                                Creativity       Smiles

                                                Family             Uniqueness

                                                Writing            BIG fun

                                                Intelligence                 Voice

                                                Family-Life    Self-Ambition

                                                Challenges       Scribes

                                                Heart               Blossoming Dreams

                                                Soul                 Writing for Love


The Fremont Scribes!

by Kristy Fernandez, high school student

Fremont Scribes!

Family Life

Dreams, Challenges

Love, Pride

Kindness, Respect

Intelligence, Superior

Heart, Soul

Laughter, Smiles

Writing for LOVE!


Why We Are Here

by Jose, Leo, and Ariana, the Aguilar Family

            Jose, father: I am here because I enjoyed last week’s meeting.  It is a time to interact with others and to be a part of Nana’s school.  It is good for all three of us to be here so that we can spend time together.

            Our first class meeting was fun.  I had a real good time listening to other people from the school talk about their lives and their families.  One thing different from what I expected was that I thought it was going to be all writing.  I didn’t think we would do the out loud presentations about ourselves.

            Ariana Aguilar, daughter: I am here because I wanted to spend time with my dad and Leo.   Last week’s meeting was really fun because I met other people and kids.  I did not really know that we would have to write, but it was fun.  

            Leo: Family Scribes means being a part of Ariana.  It means trying to be involved with her and her school.  Family Scribes helps us to interact with the kids she attends school with, with their families and the teachers that teach her.  It gives us a chance to express ourselves and it brings out our creativeness.  We love doing crafts, painting, writing and drawing together.  It makes us all be a team.


A Facilitator’s Point of View

By Kim Sicurella, teacher at Fremont and Family Scribe Group facilitator

            I like seeing the interactions within our families.  I like seeing the different roles that our students play within their families.  These insights really affect how I see my kids and their lives.  Some students are big brothers and sisters, but they act like moms and dads.  They are very helpful with the little ones in their families.  Sometimes, when parents can’t make it to class, I really see our students taking parental roles.  They explain ideas and help their siblings write and organize their thoughts.  I also see our kids translating between languages and helping parents and grandparents.  Since most of the parents haven’t been in school for a while, is fun to watch how the kids explain assignments to them and help the parents find ways to write.  One thing that really impresses me, is how kids from various families help out with the questions and needs of other families.  I would never get to see all these aspects of our students’ lives if I wasn’t here with them at the Family Scribes.


Why I am a Family Scribe

by Rolando Teodoro, high school student

            I am here because I want to do things with my brother and sister and get to know different people. 

            I can define my family with the words fun, laughter and bonding.  Last but not least, is the love and caring we feel for each other.

            I expected this class to be okay, but after I came I found out it is wonderful.  It is great to be here.  I hope we continue to come back again and again.


Yo estoy aquí porque. . .

by Ernesto Aldava, padre

            Mi hijo Jesús Aldava es estudiante de esta escuela y me gusta mucho asistir cuando me invitan o me piden acompañar a mi hijo y sus maestros para cualquier cosa, junta, programa o convivio con más padres, alumnos y maestros.

            Aquí se hacen actividades muy bonitas.  Se convive con alimentos, convivimos en escritura, y lo más bonito es que conoce uno más personas de diferentes países, constumbres y raíces. 

            Dos cosas muy importantes 1) que vemos caras que no son personas que dan problemas a la comunidad 2) que estamos con nuestros hijos y los vigilamos que no caigan con delincuentes que los llevan a caer en las drogas o el crimen.


Regresé a este programa. . .

por Ma. de los Angeles Aldava, madre

            Yo regresé a este programa de escritura porque me interesa el aprendizaje de mi hijo y para convivir con los compañeros de mi hijo y sus familias, y conocer a sus maestros.  ¡Me gusta este programa!

            Para mí, este proyecto se me ha hecho muy importante, por el trabajo de los maestros y de los alumnos.  Se convive con las familias y se ve el interés que los miembros de las familias tienen unos por otros.  Aquí, se manifesta la unión familiar, también por las diferentes maneras de pensar.


An Extended Family

by Jesus Aldava, 8th grader

            The Family Writing Project means more to me than most would think.  It is an extended family that is supporting, caring and fun to be around.  While most would stay away from school on a Saturday, I come to be a part of something special.

            Learning about others and connecting with them energizes, inspires and overpowers me.  This is a place where I can be creative and entertained.  Listening to others present their writing inspires me to write and to bring my energy here into our classroom.


The Scribes and Our Mural

by Caroline Weru, 7th grader

            My name is Caroline Weru, and I am from Kenya, Africa.  I made five ceramic tiles for our mural about the Scribes and about my life.  One says “Mr. Kelly Rocks.”  It’s about Mr. Kelly, how he is nice, cool and creative.  One tile says “Kenya.”  It represents how Kenya is cool and how I love my country.  One tile says “Family Scribes.”  I made it to show how I love Family Scribes and how I love coming and enjoying class.  I love meeting the new families and friends, and I love hanging out with my mom or dad there. 

            There is another tile I made.  It was about Fremont Middle School and it says “Happy 50th Anniversary.”  This year is the 50th anniversary of Fremont.  The last, but not least tile, says just “Scribes.”  It represents how Scribes is cool and I like coming after school and I enjoy being in the club.  Making these tiles was cool and fun.  Making them I got better at art.





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